So, what is this application ?

Piano Master System is an application designed for smartphones and tablets to assist you when studying music on a real piano, or at least, a keyboard. It permits you to use app on your phone or your tablet to practice music. No need anymore to collect sheets of paper, easy to find a piece you want to play with the search function, and no more need to care about turning page when you reach end of page. The app just follows you as you play.

Either you are already experienced player, or motivated beginner, it may be interesting for you.

What makes this app interesting ?

The app uses the microphone of your device to learn about your piano and to listen to your play, so it can wait for you and not go forward when you don't play. You have possibility to setup your own piano in the app, but if you want, you can use other instrument, like flute, or even have fun trying to whistle some songs, if you setup an instrument in the app by whistling each note ! It can train you to whistle in tune as a matter of fact ! 😂

If your piano does not have 88 keys, and the music you choose is using notes that you don't have, the app will play them instead of you, so you can enjoy all the music.

Moreover, we are proud to propose songs in their original form, with no simplification, no arrangement; here, you will find real gems of classical music in all their subtlety, so you can be proud to learn and then show your piano skills.

What is available in the app ?

Music Library

In the app, you get access to a library of songs, which you can all listen to directly from the music library screen.

When you have access to the music sheet, you can then practice the music with you instrument.

What makes this app more interesting than others ?

Full music

Well, the features of original music sheet are preserved. All annotations from composers, expression symbols, like mordents, arpeggios, crescendos, descrescendos, grace notes, trills, etc. are preserved visually and also taken into account by the built-in music player.


Music Library

And also, an interesting feature for real sight-reading musicians is the handling of the repeats. Next staff of music to be played is always displayed on the screen. On tablet, the screen only scrolls when it is necessary: if you get at the end of a loop and the beginning of that loop is still on the screen, the guiding bar simply jumps up where music should go. Otherwise if it is a long loop, the beginning of the loop is appended down and the screen scrolls.

Music Selection

Music Library

When you meet some part of music which is complex and requires some time analyzing and trying to play it, you have possility to select some bars of music, make the app play them, and practice just this or these bars yourself. In the settings you also can find a parameter to loop automatically on your selection.

Which songs are currently available in the app ?

At the moment, the app features about 50 songs, but we plan to add more music depending on the demand.

Author Title
AlbenizRumores de la Caleta
BeethovenLetter for Elise
BeethovenMoonlight Sonata 1st mvt
BeethovenSonata no.24 1st mvt
BeethovenSonata no.8 1st mvt
ChopinEtude C maj
ChopinEtude C min
ChopinFantaisie Impromptu op.66
ChopinNocturne Andante in E flat maj
ChopinNocturne no.19 in E min
ChopinPrelude no 1
ChopinPrelude no 15
ChopinPrelude no 20
ChopinPrelude no 7
ChopinPrelude no.4
DebussyClair de Lune
DebussyDeuxième Arabesque
DebussyPremière Arabesque
GriegIn the Hall of the Mountain King
GriegTroldtog (March of the Dwarfs)
J.S. BachGoldberg Variations - 15
J.S. BachInvention 1
J.S. BachInvention 4
J.S. BachMenuet
J.S. BachMinuet in A minor
J.S. BachPolonaise in F maj
J.S. BachPrelude 1 - C maj
J.S. BachSinfonia 1
JoplinThe Easy Winners
JoplinThe Entertainer
LisztConsolation no.1
LisztConsolation no.3
LisztLiebestraume no. 3
MozartRondo Alla Turca
MozartSonata Facile - 1st mvt
RachmaninoffPrelude in C# minor
SatieGymnopédie no.1
SchubertImpromptu in A flat maj
SchubertImpromptu in G flat maj
SchubertMoments Musicaux no.3
SchumannAn Important Event
SchumannBlind Man's Bluff
SchumannHappy Enough
SchumannOf Foreign Lands and Peoples
SchumannPleading Child
StraussBlue Danube Waltz
TurpinThe Harlem Rag