Why we made this app ?

Well, first of all, because we are music lovers, and we like when the technology delivers enough performance to make dreams come true !

More seriously:

  • We believe that music education should be part of a daily practice for everyone. Music develops memory, dexterity, and is a wonderful source of relaxation and exploration.
  • It was lacking some app for music playing which can work as well on a tablet as on a phone, and can propose the same functionalities on both platforms.
  • It is quite interesting for music players to be able to listen to music and to read the music sheet in the same time
  • We wanted to have some "intelligent" app, well, as much as possible and as can be expected from a music app. So, when user asks to play left hand for example, the app waits for the real notes which should be played by the left hand, not always only the notes of the lower staff !
  • We wanted to have an app which is also able to handle any music composition, whatever complexity lies in. So, we made it, and now it is possible to work amazing pieces with this app.

Highlighting correct notes
Highlighting correct notes

Information about which hand should play which notes has been integrated in the musics and checked by real musicians.

Complex Music
Complex Music

The app is even able to show some 4 staves - piece like Rachmaninov's Prelude in C# minor..

This app is the fruit of the work of passionate people. So, if you like it, or want to show some support to help us go forward and propose more and more music, don't hesitate to try little subscription or credits purchase. Thank you !